Once upon a brand... The undeniable value in 'story branding'

Once upon a brand... The undeniable value in 'story branding'

In today’s highly competitive market, brands are in fierce competition to stand out from the crowd and convince consumers to buy into and stay loyal to their brand.

For many this is not an easy task and without a strong brand, organisations are in a very weak position. So, what do successful brands have that others do not over and above a first-class product or service? The answer is simple; an authentic, compelling brand story that taps into human emotions. People simply crave the emotional and powerful connection that comes through telling a story, hence the overwhelming popularity of social media.

The power of a great story

One of the best examples of this is Lego. Lego achieved a massive surge in sales and brand awareness following the release of ‘The Lego Movie’. This movie was so cleverly written it appealed to both adults and children and made a strong emotional connection with the viewer, whilst immersing its product in every single scene. The Lego movie made us believe that Lego was more than a toy, Lego encouraged the ‘Master Builder’ within all of us to shine. Lego clearly understood and excellently executed their brand purpose by marketing their product as much more than a toy brick, they marketed it as an opportunity to release your potential. This then compelled consumers to trust and connect with the brand on an emotional level.

Lego enabled us to believe that we are only as limited as our imagination allows us and of course not forgetting the theme tune that parents everywhere are familiar with ‘everything is awesome when you’re part of a team’.

We think our Ulster Weavers team is pretty awesome too. We work hard to ‘brighten the lives of those around us’ by bringing affordable luxury and inspiration into homes around the globe. ‘Brightening the lives of those around us’, is our brand proposition, what we promise to deliver to our customers and our colleagues every day. But for our brand proposition to be believable and authentic, we need to be able to tell our story too - in our case, it is quite something for a business to be able to trace their history back to the nineteenth century. Our heritage has afforded us the knowledge that all great products & ideas evolve from great people coming together pursuing a vision.

In the resonating words of Zig Ziglar ‘You don’t build a business, you build people and build the business’.

Any successful leader will agree that all the ‘a ha’ moments arise from shared vision, passion and collaboration from fully engaged people within their business who feel and live your brand. After all, no one knows your business, your culture, your customers and your brand better than your own people.

Kaira Rouda, founder & president of Real Living cites that "For your business brand to resonate with customers, it must be based on something truly genuine: your reality, your passions."

Story Horse the fashion accessory brand of Ulster Weavers came about when two friends, one cold and miserable Monday morning in February had an idea. What if we made a collection of things we’d love to use, at affordable prices that were a bit different from what’s on the high street, that would feel so special you’d want to buy them as gifts for friends, too?  Luckily for Ulster Weavers these two friends were Ulster Weavers designer Olive McCaughan along with Operations Director, Wendy Hamilton. Olive and Wendy together had the creative passion for design and the insight into how we could create something special that fulfilled a need our of customers.

Story Horse is about creating products that accompany you on life’s journeys and on the adventures that add to everyone’s personal story. The concept of Story Horse is to encourage people to ‘live life & create your own story’. For organisations everywhere, what better way to encourage your people to buy into your story than to let them create it.

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