Spring Refresh

Spring Refresh

The long, cold winter is finally drawing to its conclusion, praise be! With the new shoots of spring, the lightening evenings and warming temperatures, it’s time to help your home step into the new season as well. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you need to repaint and decorate; our homeware will do the trick nicely.

For the trend-lovers

Spring 2018 is all about indigo blue. This vibrant colour provides fantastic contrast on sunny days and is bright enough to bring life to your home on dull, rainy ones. We love the colour, which is why we’ve designed our new Cat Nap range around it.

Taking advantage of traditional Japanese Ink and brush techniques, as well as the aforementioned indigo blue, it’s a perfect choice for those who want to be up to date with the latest, greatest homeware trends, or those who simply love cats.

Find the new range here.

For the gardeners

Spring is the most exciting time for amateur gardeners. It’s a chance to give your pride and joy a proper refresh after helping it survive through winter. Bring that joy of the emerging new blooms into your kitchen with one of our gorgeous RHS ranges.

Horticulture is all about celebrating the sheer variety of plant life, and our various RHS ranges do just that. From the green shoots of Foliage, through to Traditional Rose, Chrysanthemum, Passiflora or Strawberry, all our RHS products can take root successfully in your kitchen.

See all the RHS ranges here.

For the spring lambs

Spring will always be associated with lambs. The arrival of these cute little balls of wool is a great way to mark the seasonal change, so why not welcome some into your home as well?

Dotty Sheep was our most popular range of 2017, and with good reason! You loved the modern design, contrasting shades of mustard and grey, and the sense of fun imparted by the collection.

Fall in love with a new set of lambs this year, check out the full set of Dotty Sheep products here.

For the woodland walkers

Spring is a particularly stunning time for the woodlands and forests of the world. Bluebells and blossoms burst into life painting the forest in shades of white and blue, while birds sing in the trees and new aromas waft in the breeze.

How could you not love the woodlands at this time of the year? We certainly do and have aimed to immortalise the majesty of this time of the year with our Woodland range. Forest animals take centre stage in this collection of tea towels and mugs, with foxes, pheasants and owls the star attractions.

Why not check the set out for yourself on our website?

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