• A rich tapestry – A brief introduction to Ulster Weavers

    For nearly 140 years, Ulster Weavers has been at the forefront of textile design and innovation, combining high-quality products with traditional and contemporary designs to produce, quite simply, the best kitchen and homewares around.

    Condensing our long history down to a few hundred words is an extremely difficult task, but if you’re interested in learning all about us, from our roots in traditional Irish manufacturing, to the modern company that continues to expand and work with the finest designers around, all whilst meeting standards literally fit for a queen, this is the blog for you!

    For hundreds of years, Ireland has been famous for its peerless linen production, expertly weaving together the fibres of flax plants to produce this soft, flexible and hardy fabric known and loved around the world. One of the most prominent producers of linen in all of Ireland was Moygashel Linens, the oldest remaining connection to Ulster Weavers. Founded in 1795, the company still invokes very positive feelings in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Since becoming part of Ulster Weavers in the late 1990s, Moygashel Linens has continued to produce the ultimate in high quality linen fabric for home furnishing.

    Another heritage Irish linen brand to join the Ulster Weavers family was Spence Bryson. The Craigavon-based company has been producing high-quality handkerchiefs since July 1891. Since joining Ulster Weavers, the company has epitomised our company ideals, providing the highest-quality products and a range of interesting designs.

    The story of Ulster Weavers itself starts in 1880, with the aim of providing the highest quality linens produced in Ireland. Named after the region that had become world famous for the creators of the finest linen, Ulster Weavers quickly made itself synonymous with Irish linen production, and expanded throughout the late 19th and early 20th century.

    During the 1960s, Ulster Weavers started producing kitchen textiles, a move that came to define the company. Starting with tea towels, the popularity of these items, due to their quality and interesting designs, quickly led the brand to expand into other areas of kitchenware, from aprons to oven gloves, while retaining its focus on quality and quirky designs. This proved to be a huge success and helped Ulster Weavers to find new fans around the world.

    Throughout our history, we’ve worked with some of the most innovative and exciting designers around, together producing some of the most iconic ranges in our collection. Today, we work with famous designers, up-and-coming talents and household name brands to develop beautiful products that you’ll be proud to have in your home.

    Amongst these brands are Seasalt Cornwall, a British brand famous around the world for its use of soft colours and clean designs, as well as countryside and maritime themes. We’re very proud to produce several ranges with Seasalt, including our ever-popular Sailor Stripe and Scattered Anchor ranges. We’ve also been fortunate enough to work with Mini Moderns, a design collective from London, who shares our love for everything designed in the UK. We have worked closely with Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire, the founders of the brand, on several ranges, including our Whitby collection.

    As well as famous brands, we also work with individual designers to help us bring new and interesting ranges into your homes. Amongst them are big industry names like Clarissa Hulse, Madeleine Floyd and Sophie Conran. All three have worked with our in-house team to design everything from ultra-modern patterns to twists on traditional designs and seasonal styles, providing a depth of character unparalleled in the industry.

    While we don’t know what the future holds for us, we’ve worked hard to build a company to be proud of, helping to brighten up homes for more than a century. We hope to continue to do so, reaching more and more people, and expanding the rich tapestry that we have built upon so far.

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