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Thank you for choosing an Ulster Weavers product

We want you to enjoy your purchase for as long as possible.

To maintain your product’s appearance and functionality over time, the following care guides will prove useful.

All our products carry care instructions, but in addition we’ve added some well-intentioned comments.


Cotton and Linen Tea Towels

Please wash your tea towel before first use. 


You will find the absorbency will vastly improve – and with linen will continue to improve over time.​

All cotton and linen tea towels are machine washable using a cotton cycle.

We recommend 40 degrees for Cottons, and up to 50 degrees for Linens. 

There really is no need to wash at a higher temperature – especially if you wash the product shortly after use, which we encourage!

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee full colourfastness above these temperatures. 

Try to wash as part of a full load, and wash darker colours together to minimise any potential colour transfer.

Our tips – try not to use “biological” washing powders, avoid optical brighteners, bleach and never use fabric conditioner!

We recommend detergents which can be placed in your machine’s powder drawer (or just cut the corner of your liquid-tab, and pour the contents into the drawer) – it stops the detergent directly contacting your precious design!

Drying is best on a line, but if you choose to tumble dry select a medium setting and remove promptly while the towel is still damp.  Smooth and shape before ironing.

Ironing is always on the reverse, and best results achieved from damp. 


Ironing will help to improve absorbency.

We all love natural fibres and their benefits, but please be aware they will shrink.  We do our best during manufacture to minimise this effect, but please accept a small amount - especially after first wash.

We’d also like to remind you that all natural materials are flammable – keep them away from gas hob flames, ignition lights and open fires.


Filled products – tea cosies, pot mitts & gloves

Please never use an oven glove or gauntlet when it becomes wet.  Even under normal use, if it gets wet, leave it to one side to dry. 

Washing is simple, but select a synthetics cycle.  That little line that appears under the washing machine symbol on the care label – and your machine – means the product receives more gentle care in the wash.

That helps the heat resistant filling stay in place, and will offer you continued protection over time.

You really don’t need to tumble dry.  Best placed on a warm surface, but please keep away from flames.  Warm iron to finish.

Products that do not require washing.

If the do not wash symbol appears  just wipe clean with a damp cloth.

PVC coated products 

Oilcloth aprons, tablecloths and PVC bags are best simply wiped down with a damp cloth.  Do not iron. 

Be careful of spillages from tomato based sauces – wipe these clean as soon as possible as they main cause stains. 

Anything else can be cleaned with soapy water.

PVC coated products will soften naturally if placed on a warm surface, and any creases will “fall out” if placed over a warm – not hot – radiator.


Ceramics and bone china 

All our ceramic products are dishwasher safe, but we really do recommend a traditional approach!

Wash in warm soapy water, as promptly after use as possible.  Dry with a well-loved Ulster Weavers tea towel. 

Never use scouring pads, abrasives or harsh chemicals.  If you find your tea/coffee has discoloured your cup or mug, try initially soaking in a mixture of warm water, detergent and salt.

Store your ceramic plates, if possible, with as few on top of one another as possible.  The reduced weight will help avoid marking.  Always lift from the top down!

Bone china is not suitable for use in the freezer, and should not be subjected to extreme temperature change.

Everyday use is encouraged, and the products are microwave safe.



Declaration of Conformity - Oven Gloves - European Legislation, effective 21 April 2018



Effective April 21, 2018, the below items are classified as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and regulated under the new PPE regulation 425/2016/EU.

Double Oven Gloves


These Products have been tested (surface contact 250 degrees) and meet the new testing standard – up to a maximum of 25 washes.

Ulster Weavers Domestic Oven Gloves are designed to offer protection from unintentional contact with hot cookware and ovens.


Our products have been tested to EN ISO 12127-1 at 250 degrees centigrade

up to a maximum of 25 washes, and to BS6526:1998. 

Having been designed as a household item to match our range of co-ordinated kitchen textiles, they are not intended for commercial use or for prolonged contact with hot items and should not come into contact with naked flames.


Our Notified Body is: SGS United Kingdom Ltd,  Unit 202B,  Worle Parkway,  Weston-super-Mare,  BS22 6WA,  United Kingdom.Notified Body No. 0120.

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